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Welcome Authors!

"They said they saw the video and it made them buy the book!"
-C. L . Wilson
Author of "King of Sword and Sky

Book marketing and book trailers that work!

Authors are creative people with a unique talent

You’ve spent countless hours developing your characters, watching them lead you through a journey you may not have anticipated and now that you’ve finished you want marketing help from someone who will share your enthusiasm and commitment for your book.

Circle of Seven Productions understands the passion and emotion and effort you’ve put into your story and now we intend to put that same energy into marketing you book. Let’s work together so your book is noticed and purchased!

Jennifer St. Giles

"It couldn't get any better!"

-Jennifer St. Giles hits USA Today bestseller list and talks about her COS Book Video

What can COS do for me?

We will create a book video that performs!

Why a book video? It works. Video offers a compelling way to communicate your marketing message and can be strategically utilized to reach your unique audience.

  • Video Quality: The video must be aesthetically pleasing to watch, with a clear visual flow and crisp, clear image.
  • Video message: The text, narration and/or visual elements must sync to give a clear message as to what the video is, what the story is, who wrote it and a call to action.
  • Video Utilization: We create videos that have a wide range of uses. Our formatting is title-safe so it can play on large screens and is formatted so it can play on mobile devices.
  • Video performance: Having a great video is only half the work. Circle of Seven Productions has the expertise and knowledge to know the best place to market your video. We’ll place your video on the websites that will bring the highest visibility to your book; leading to higher sales!

We help you achieve your goals!

Looking to break through to the next level with my career:

Whether you're new and want to make any of the best selling lists, or you've been mid-list for years and want to push through to the next level, we have strategies designed to help achieve your goals. We do a big push the first week the book is out and we develop a video description that tells the public you're an author not to be missed! Each campaign is designed specifically for the author's goals and needs.

New Author Marketing Campaign:

Congratulations! We know that being a new author is equal parts excitement and nervousness. You need to let people know who you are and what your book is about in a big way, right away! We have a campaign for new authors that we think you'll love! We take a two-tier approach so we get your book video to as many people as possible, and to as many readers, booksellers and bloggers as possible. For new authors we also recommend the Social Media Marketing Package.

Making a big change in my writing!

Whether you're coming back after a long absence, changing genres or adding something totally new, we can help create a campaign for your new book, series and even for YOU as an author! It's important to reach readers what will love what you write, so if you've changed your genre or if you're looking to re-target a new audience we can work with you to reach them using your COS video!


Branding is a way to build trust with readers. It lets them know that, whatever it is you write, they can trust that you’ll give a good story. Branding also gives readers an idea of what you're about, what you write and helps make a personal connection between you and your reader. We have created branding videos for bestselling authors, new authors and self-published authors. We work with you to create a video that shows your style!

Bestseller Preparation

Making a bestseller list is a dream-come-true for most authors. COS has a specific campaign for those authors hoping to make bestseller lists. We know that the first week of sales in very important and we have a series of specific tasks we put into motion the week your book is out and the days prior to the release date. For this goal we recommend our Social Media Marketing Package to give you that extra exposure.

Website Traffic Building:

Your website is where you want to drive traffic so readers can stay informed about your books, backlist and future releases as well as events and other news. If you have a newsletter, blog or members section we want to help you build your audience and your mailing list.

Target Audience/Special Groups:

We have over 400 profiles in a variety of online social and news sites. We have researched the type of audience that goes to each type of site, what opportunities there are to reach out to them and what types of very specific interests they have. If you're looking to reach a very specific type of audience let us know! We can match you and your book to the readers most likely to be interested.

Movie Options, Foreign Rights and Publicity

Dream big! We are successful in helping authors get their videos to sites where producers and production companies look for the next big movie. We also have the ability to create your video in other languages. We understand the need for b-roll, which happens when you're being interviewed and they play a video to introduce you. Additionally, we’ll provide a link to your video for you to send to producers for consideration of being on a show. There are a lot of uses for book video beyond YouTube.


If you're looking to advertise online, television, movie theaters or other out-of-home advertising we can help format your video to any specifications. Formatting fees may apply. All COS videos are title-safe which means the text will show if the video is played on a television screen. Please let us know before production of your video begins if you are looking to use the video for advertisements.

Special Goals

Let us know what your goal is and we will do our best to match what we create and what we do with your video to the goal you have in mind.

Frequently asked questions:

How much will this cost?

Our prices start at $350, however, our most comprehensive and popular marketing package is our Advanced Teaser at $2,500 that includes:

  • Larger Distribution Package
  • Top Editors
  • Custom Work

There truly is something for every budget. Here's a link to our products that tell you pricing and distribution.

How long will it take to create my video made?

You’ll be surprised by how quickly we are able to create a high quality video. The actual timing requires our joint cooperation. The process is simple:

  • You’ll complete a form that outlines your requirements and ideas for the video
  • Once the form is received – we’ll schedule your video for production
  • Our highly skilled team members will be in touch throughout the process
  • We’ll submit additional questions that will require your prompt attention
  • Let us know your deadline and we’ll do our best to work together to comply
  • Before you know it – you’ll have an exciting video!

How do I get started?

We make it very easy, just send us an email! and someone from our customer service department will contact you. Don't be afraid to ask them questions. They love it when you do! We really want to help you make the right choices and get the most out of your product and service. And, we really want you to enjoy your COS experience!

Would you be willing to work with the author directly?

Yes. And we are happy to keep you copied on everything, report at approval points, weekly reports, etc. You determine how you'd like to have the process go.

Can you format for television or Google Ads?

Yes. We can format to whatever your needs are. Please be aware that special formatting such as movie theater, television, Google TV ads and other special advertising formats require a formatting fee. Just let us know if you're interested when you contact us.

Can you schedule advertising spots?

Yes. We have scheduled local, regional and national television spots as well as movie theaters and out of home advertising. Please let us know if you're considering having us schedule for you. .

Can we send you material to use in a video?

Yes, however, please understand that any photos, footage, music, sound effects or voice over that you supply will require that you sign a release form. COS Productions prides itself on always using appropriate license and approvals. We're happy to use what you would like us to include, but require you to sign a waiver saying that you have appropriately licensed the material, you have permission to let us use it and that you release us of any liability regarding the material if there are any problems.

Book covers are exempt as they are directly addressed in your annual contract.

If you have additional questions you can read our faq's or drop us an email and we would be happy to answer any questions.

Budget according to Needs:

There are two main ways we see people come to us with their budget. They already know what they have to spend, or they know what they want and want to know what that will cost them.

"Small videos, bigger videos- There was something for everybody... I find the videos to be extremely beneficial"

-Lucy Monroe
Author of "The Sicilians Marriage Arrangement"

Whether you're budgeting $350 toward your book video or $5000 we want to help you meet your goals and needs the best we can.

We realize that every penny has to count. We’ll create a marketing strategy that meets your budget and is designed to help achieve your goals:

  • Let us know your financial budget and we’ll let you know what we can provide.
  • Share your specific ideas and expectations and we’ll create a custom marketing plan.
  • Provide a financial range and we’ll give you options.

Our prices give you the greatest savings and the biggest reward.

Visit our Services Page for a list of our products and services. Samples are available.

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