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I am a Bookseller or Librarian.

People are inherently visual beings. Competing with the latest special effects, blockbuster or music video is now possible with book trailers!

Improve your SEO by adding videos to your website!

Use Exciting Videos to Encourage Reading!

Let's get books into the hands of readers together!

SEO is Search Engine Optimization and that's how people find you and find out what you have to offer them. The easier it is for the to find you, the more people will come to your site!

See what others are saying about Video SEO:



How To Use Video SEO To Jump To The Top Of Google Search Results

"...even new sites and small sites can compete on equal footing with larger and more established players. Publishers who are too small or too new to even consider traditional SEO can still be taking advantage of Video SEO opportunities." - Read the Article



The Great Video SEO Frontier

"...Videos are 53 time more likely to appear on the first page of search results than text pages" - Read the Article

You can choose how you receive the videos you want!

With the help of Circle of Seven, you now have access to hundreds of exciting book trailers and author interviews in a variety of formats and platforms and a variety of sizes. FOR FREE!

We can create any video format for you. FLV, WMV, MOV, RSS


The ease and control is all yours!

We can give you an easy to use embed code that puts a video player on your site.
You can choose the size of the player and we can help you get it onto your site if you need assistance.
Choose all new book releases or a specific genre! You can have a genre player for different pages of your site or one that has all genres and new releases. The video players automatically update as new videos are released.

Example of a COS video player in action:

Bubbas Book Swap
Bubbas Book Swap

Content and tech support are available to you at no cost. Let us help you put our video to work in whatever way is best suited to your needs!

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