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Long Tail Distribution


The Long Tail Distribution Level guarantees acceptance to at least one bookseller site (given that your book is sold in any of our bookseller sites), acceptance to at least 20 social sites and includes a press release that will be distributed through TransWorld Media. We do not go back and check the status of your upload on all sites. You will receive a report from our TubeMogul services at one month post upload so you can see that your video has received views. This is a small portion of your total, cumulative views.

Note that we submit to all sites listed, but do not have contracts with all of these sites and cannot guarantee how your video will look, how long it will remain or that it will be accepted.

For more information about information about Online Video Distribution Click here.

Long Tail Distribution comes with these great features:


Social Media Sites


Specialty Sites


Bookmarking Sites


Genre Specific Sites


Bookseller sites (submitted, not guaranteed placement)




MySpace Bulletins



1 Month personal overview of video performance

Search Engine SEO and VSEO Optimization

Submitted for Portable devices

Featured placement on our MySpace, YouTube and RECTV sites


What if I created my own video?

If you created your own video, or if a non-professional friend made it for you we are happy to distribute it at a discounted rate for authors! Contact us and we can give you a quote specifically designed for an author’s budget!

What if I have a bulk order of videos to distribute?

Whether you made them yourself or you had them professionally made we are happy to distribute your videos! The more you have for us to distribute, the bigger the discount! Contact us for more information!

Will you distribute a video not made by COS?

Yes! We are happy to distribute your book video or author interview. We do require that you sign a waiver letting us know you have properly licensed all material within the video.

What if I ordered a COS video but want to upgrade the distribution package?

We want you to have flexibility to fit your needs! We are happy to upgrade your distribution package. Just let your COS customer service representative know what you’re interested in and he/she will review the package and pricing with you!

If I don’t need distribution can I get a discount on the video package?

Video packages are not discounted according to distribution. Our pricing structure is such that it allows us to offer great service and quality, but to offer that we have to pay great people to do the work! So all prices are hardwired together and cannot be separated in order to give discounts.