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General Faqs

What does the COS symbol mean?

It is a collection of symbols from different cultures and times assembled by CEO Sheila English who created the Circle of Seven logo.

COS LogoThe outside rim represents STRENGTH.
The inner symbols are much like the Holy Trinity symbol and represent FAITH.
The one that looks like a sideways 8 is actually the symbol for INFINITE.
And the wheel in the center is for REVOLUTIONARY.

The meaning COS puts into the logo is "Have strength and faith, forever moving forward".

What is a book trailer?

A book trailer is like a movie trailer, but for a book. Though, officially, a book trailer is a dramatization of a book acted out in a full production, the term has evolved to mean any book video that promotes a book. That includes our book teasers, which are also called a Basic Teaser, Intermediate Teaser, Advanced Teaser and even a Cover Story. But the term “book trailer” is trademarked by Circle of Seven Productions and that trademark is specific to visual promotions of a book.

What can a book trailer do for my marketing plan?

A book video is a tool like any other tool in your promotional arsenal. It just happens to be a very effective and versatile tool, making its ROI (return on investment) high. Knowing the big picture of what your overall campaign is can help you make better use of your video. This is why COS has measurable goals that we determine according to what YOUR goals are. We want you to have a great video, but we also want that video to be as effective a tool as possible. Videos can be used over many platforms. Broadband (online) and broadcast (TV, Movie Theaters and Out-Of-Door advertising), play during conventions or book signings, send to your marketing team to play to booksellers, use to promote your book for foreign rights and as part of your press or media kit. There are many ways to get the most of out your video. Enhancement of your marketing campaign tools and goals is just one way to make your video more effective. These and other COS strategies are part of what makes COS the “go-to” company in book promotion.

How can we get started on my book trailer?

You can start by taking a look at our video products page. You will see a list of the video products we provide. Click on any of the product images for examples and more information. Whether you already know what kind of product you’d like or if you’d like to discuss your options you can email us at to get started.

How far in advance should I have my video made?

Timing is everything. You should get started as soon as possible, but keep in mind that we need a finished and approved book cover for your video. Sometimes book covers change, so check with your publisher to ensure that the book cover you give us is the final, approved one. We recommend ordering your video 3 months in advance to the release date, but you can order it earlier if you have the book cover. We prefer to do distribution of your video one month prior to release for various reasons that we can explain to you when we start your project. For videos ordered with a release date less than 60 days we do require payment in full up front. We do this so that your video is distributed right away upon completion. We have several professional editors and script writers in the COS Network. Once your paperwork has been sent in and payment is received your project is put in queue. Even when COS is busy with other orders we have someone to work on your video. But, if you want a specific editor you may need to wait for him/her to become available. Let us know immediately if you want a particular editor and we can give you a timeline for getting into queue. We have been able to complete a video in a matter of a few days, but some are more involved and require a couple of weeks. We work with you to establish an acceptable timeline for your project.

Can I choose the editor I want?

Yes. But keep in mind that our editors have clients who only want to work with them because they have established a rapport and like working with that person, so you need to get into queue right away if you have a special request. And you may want to have a second choice in case the editor you want won’t be available in time for your book release.

Can I supply my own pictures, footage and/or music?

It depends on a variety of factors. The quality of the elements, formats, size, etc. And license. You must be able to provide a license for those items or we cannot use them. If you created them yourself you will need to sign a waiver or send a letter/email stating that you are the creator and owner of that material and give us permission to use it for your specific project. You do not, however, get a discount for supplying your own materials. Often, when we have to mix outside resources with our own it takes additional manipulation to make them all work cohesively. And the amount of time the editor spends on each element is the same regardless of where it came from.

Can I get a discount if I don’t want distribution?

No. Our process requires oversight of every video that comes in and goes out and our prices are connected with that process. We can, however, give you a DVD instead of online distribution if requested in advance.

What happens to my video once it is complete?

COS has a team of professionals who create a strategy for your video. We have over 400 sites to choose from and match your video to the appropriate site/audience. Your video is given special Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO) attention so it shows up prominently in search engines like Google and Yahoo! It is sent to booksellers, libraries and specialty sites that are genre-specific. But, COS doesn't just send your video out. We also oversee it to ensure it meets our standards. A member of our distribution team will check on the progress of your video to ensure it is getting attention. The amount of oversight to your video depends on the distribution package you get, but all videos get this special attention on our main sites. COS participates in the communities in which your video is placed. We don’t just “deliver-and-go” hoping that someone somewhere will watch it. We take an active part in the online social communities where your videos are uploaded. We know it takes trust, transparency and relationship building to help sell books online.

Can I add links to my video so people can click on it and go to my site?

Adding click functionality to your video would require a custom built flash player. We can create this at an additional fee, but keep in mind this player will not be able to be distributed, and may take some additional setup and configuration to embed into your website. Please contact us if you are interested in this custom flash player.