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RIP Victoria

After an 8 year battle with cancer Victoria Arias Fraasa, VP and Head of Productions for Circle of Seven has passed away.


From Best Book Trailer to Book Events Circle of Seven Productions Sweeps up in Awards

BRENTWOOD, Calif., Aug. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Book Trailers® promote books through video and are created to both entertain and inform readers about books prior to purchase or as a fun way to create conversation in the online universe that is social media.  Though each year the publishing industry asks the question, "Do book trailers® work?" the public continues to find them interesting and worth discussing, sharing and even voting on.

This year, the top producer of Book Trailers®, Circle of Seven Productions, the company that not only popularized the book trailer® market but also holds the US registered trademark for the term "book trailer", hit the jackpot in trailer awards with six wins only halfway through 2011.


International Academy of the Visual Arts awards COS Productions CEO Sheila English for her dedication to the evolving nature of traditional and interactive media.


Sheila Clover EnglishFor “Honoring creative excellence for communications professionals”  COS CEO Sheila Clover English was given an Award of Distinction by IAVA’s The Communicator Awards this year.


The International Thriller Writer Association commissioned Circle of Seven Productions to create a video that would help promote their upcoming ThrillerFest convention. The video was distributed online and quickly became popular for its humorous bent.


Linda McMakenAs the COS run Reader’s Entertainment sites continue to grow and offer quality news, reviews, and blogs. Its continual growth and commitment to excellence will get a big boost by the hiring of an educated editor for the site.


Snyder County, Pennsylvania – May 6, 2011

Judy Mays, a long time high school teacher much beloved by her students comes forward to discuss her feelings, thoughts and actions with regard to the April 26th expose by WNEP-TV Newswatch 16 about her side job as a romance writer.  The report aired on television and was then put online for discussion (,0,4057307.story) where hundreds of authors, readers, students, parents and concerned citizens offered their opinion on whether or not the teacher had done anything wrong by writing racy romance novels on her own time.


New WebsiteWith an eye toward better communication with the specific visitor types to the Circle of Seven (COS) Productions website the company has made significant changes to its corporate website. 

“We want those people who visit the site to feel at home there, so we changed the way we deliver information and created a way for people to interact with that information,” says founder and CEO Sheila English.

The first big change that visitors to the site will notice will be the micro sites aimed specifically at the type of visitors who come there seeking information and assistance.  These micro sites are specific to authors, publishers, readers, booksellers & librarians and those seeking to utilize COS content.


New Readers Entertainment CommunityThe reader community site which originally launched in 2006 has had a steady stream of reader and author traffic to the site over the years, but took the leap into a more social and interactive venue this year when it re-launched the site with a new look, new assets, new shows and a variety of ways for people to view and interact according to what they like best.


Novels Alive TV is an online book and reader site that went live in 2010 with video, book reviews and articles.  The site has magazine-type layout and was created by the same team who brought readers the romance site Between Your Sheets which has been successful over the past few years.

Circle of Seven (COS) Productions which just re-launched their own Reader’s Entertainment Community site has expanded its offerings over the years and created Reader’s Entertainment Group which is made up of author and reader sites.  In a bid to reach more readers COS Productions is growing what it offers on thr REC site which has been in business since early 2006 and offers book trailers, the company’s signature product, as well as author interview videos, award winning original shows such as The Lonesome Losers and The Zombie Today Show but which now offers a wider variety and more than just video.


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Jeannie Ruesch gives tips on going to the pros with your book videos and other marketing needs.


Posted on  by Erin Underwood

While assisting Nancy Holder as she developed her new book trailer for The Screaming Season, due in March 2011, I realized how little I knew about this strange new-media marketing tool. Book trailers have been cropping up here and there, announcing the coming of this book or that novel for the last several years. The more I learned about this new type of media promotion, the more I was blown away by the sheer potential of a 30-second video clip, specifically designed to market a new book.


Fresh Fiction has teamed up with Circle of Seven Productions for greater outreach and offerings to readers!


Zombie Today Show Wins Empixx Award


The Zombie Today Show web series promotes books, laughs and wins awards!


“Well written.. I think it's satire. But, maybe, just maybe, it's real.” Jokes the EMPIxx Award judge, “Captured my attention, well produced.” The series won for Best Comedy and received the Gold EMPIxx Award.


Neverland wins EMPixx Award


Neverland is novel by best selling author Douglas Clegg. It's an eerie tale of children who find something evil in the woods during their family vacation. The end of the trailer has a child's voice whispering, “It's just a little sacrifice.” It's enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

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