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Award for Embracing and Evolving Media Given to COS Executive

2011-07-06 10:56:00

International Academy of the Visual Arts awards COS Productions CEO Sheila English for her dedication to the evolving nature of traditional and interactive media.

IAVA is an organization that awards and celebrates creativity.  The mission statement of IAVA reads:


There are four primary goals of the IAVA

To facilitate the vibrant exchange of new ideas, business models and trend information in the visual arts

To sanction and oversee awards and recognition programs to identify and reward excellence in the visual arts

To provide a networking opportunity for members of the IAVA for professional advancement

To educate members and promote innovative thinking about the constantly changing nature of media, including advertising, print, film, television & interactive

Circle of Seven Productions CEO Sheila Clover English was awarded this year as a way to acknowledge her continued support of IAVA’s mission.  Mrs. English has been asked by IAVA to be a judge for The Communicator Awards, The Davey Awards and the W3 Awards over the past three years.  Her status as a Silver Telly Member and membership to IAVA gained her the invitation to be a judge.

“I had no idea I was getting the award and was thrilled to receive it!” says English.  “I do embrace the arts and like to give back to the industry in any way I can.”