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How To:

How do I add your videos to my website or blog?

To add a video to your website or blog, you'll need to edit the HTML of your web-page, or blog entry.

Next go to the video that you want. Copy the YouTube embed-code found below the video player. Pasting this code into your websites HTML or blog post will create an embedded player. Visitors to your site will be able to view the video when the user clicks "Play".

You can resize the player by changing the object width="425" and height="350" fields at both the beginning and the end of the YouTube embedded code. To keep the video from getting stretched, multiply the width by 0.8235 to get the height, and keep the same ratio as the default numbers.

How do I add your videos to my website if I am using Wordpress?

1. Find the video you want to add from our Videos Page

2. Click the "Watch on YouTube" button. Your browser will navigate you to the video on

3. Copy the videos URL from your browsers address bar while viewing the video.

4. Then Paste in on a line by itself in your post/page editor within Wordpress.
Single Line wordpress

5. That's it! When you click publish, the video will be added to your page/blog post and visitors can view the video when they press the "play" button.