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Social Media and Advertising Packages:

Readers can’t buy your book if they don’t know it’s out there.

Social media marketing and advertising is an established and respected venue for getting your name or the name of your book out to the masses. Online and off-line advertising can help you create a robust and effective marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing Package:

Reaching out to the right audience is an important key to success.

Some people are visual, some are auditory, some people want to see a trailer. Reaching out to readers in different ways can help those readers recall your name and your book.


Blog Distribution sites

COS will create 2 types of blogs. One that is more professional sounding that will go to reader and bookseller sites. One that is more social or personal that will go to social sites. The blogs will be submitted to the client for approval. If the client wants changes the client must make those changes and submit them back to COS as approved for distribution. The blogs will be submitted to 15 sites. Sites may vary according to the genre or audience of the books.

Sites we distribute to include:

  • Readers Entertainment Community
  • RedRoom
  • LiveJournal
  • MySpace - RECTV
  • VidiLife
  • Gather
  • Facebook
  • Bebo
  • Book Trailer Community
  • and MORE!

Radio Interview and Podcast:

Each author will be invited to be interviewed on one of the COS radio shows. The radio show producer will determine which show the author is best suited for. The shows are live and after completion of the show a podcast is available and can be used by the client and/or author. The podcast is them submitted to over 20 online sites.

Press Release:

A press release written by the client will be submitted to COS with a distribution date. COS will distribute press releases to a variety of online new outlets.

RECTV Guest Blog:

The author will be invited to be a guest blogger on Reader's Entertainment Blog. This blog is also featured on the Reader's Entertainment TV site. The author will be asked to blog about their most recent book. The video will be included on the blog. The client will inform COS when they want the guest blog released.

COS Newsletter Interview:

COS will submit interview questions for the COS Newsletter to the client to give to the author. The newsletter is released once a month and can include up to 3 interviews per newsletter.

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Email Marketing by Constant Contact

Twitter Campaign:

Twitter For one to two weeks we will send out tweets related to your book release, events and activities.

Marketing Points:

Marketing points you can use if you order our

  • Twitter campaign that will post major events and special dates surrounding the book and book release
  • Blog campaign that will include blog posts to over 20 different blogs
  • Search Engine Optimization to Google, Yahoo and other search engine sites

Advertising Package:

Movie Theater Ads:


Get your video seen on the big screen. We offer Special Pricing, and Special Placement!



Get your video seen by a larger crowd. We offer Local, Regional, and National Television add placement.

Out of Home Marketing:


Have your video featured on Billboards, Digital Posters, In-Flight ads, Public transportation vehicles. We go everywhere you want to be!

Online Advertising:


Boost your videos online presence with Online Advertising.