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Advanced Book Teaser


The Advanced Book Teaser is a high quality video that utilize our top editors. These are ordered most commonly by publishers and agencies. They offer a high level of creativity and professional polish. These quality videos include, specialized titling (fonts), image manipulation to better match exact scenes from the book, visual effects and composition and some basic animation. 

This level of video is recommended if you know your video will play on television or if you're looking for it to be noticed by the media. The top quality of this level sets your video apart from the average book video. 

The benefit is having the look of a high quality, professional video that will impress viewers. At this level you can also have it formatted for television for a nominal fee. Just let us know before production begins as television formatting will affect many aspects of the production. 

You should use this product when you're: 

  • Trying to break through to the next level. 
  • Trying to brand yourself as a top, professional author. 
  • Fans have an expectation of "the best" from you.

Advanced Book Teaser comes with these great features:

  • High Definition Video
  • Experienced Senior Editors 
  • Sound Effects from the COS Library 
  • Music from the COS Library 
  • Custom Graphics 
  • Custom Image Manipulation 
  • Custom Motion Graphics 
  • Visual Effects 
  • Basic Animation
  • Your Book Cover Image 
  • Stock Photography 
  • Stock Video Footage 


Our Advanced Package is our most requested package and includes all of the important social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter but also includes specialty sites that are reader-based such as Reader’s Entertainment Magazine and Novels Alive, Bookmarking sites such as Digg and StumbleUpon and our all-important targeting “Genre Specific” sites where we make sure your videos is seen by readers who love that genre! At this level we also include Twitter posts to our 5000+ followers.

Book trailers are submitted to our blogger and librarian program with the video, book description and any special notes sent to make it easier for them to utilize your video.

Advanced Distribution comes with these great features:


Social Media sites


Twitter Posts (over 5000 Followers)


Specialty Sites


Genre Specific Sites


Blog Sites


News Aggregate Sites


Search Engine Optimization Enhancement

Submission to Book Bloggers and Librarian Program

Featured on Readers Entertainment Magazine

Featured on Novel’s Alive online TV

Featured on COS YouTube (over 6000 subscribers)