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Author Interview


If you prefer to reach out to your readers on a more personal level, an author interview is a great option. Let your readers or the booksellers get to know you better. Author Interview Trailers include shooting the interview and intermixing your book cover, cover art, etc. as a special visual addition to your video. Interviews can run anywhere from 1 to 3 minutes. Perfect for online distribution. We add in exciting backgrounds, b-roll and other appropriate material so the video is both informative and entertaining. 

Author interviews are very popular with the literary set. They are popular with your own readers and they give a warm and interesting introduction of you to potential readers. 

This is a great way to introduce yourself and let people see who you are. It's a great way for you to show people how passionate you are about your book(s). 

Author interviews are often picked up by news and reviews sites in addition to the traditional distribution sites we use.

Author Interview comes with these great features:

  • Standard Definition Video 
  • Sound Effects 
  • Stock Music 
  • Your Book Cover Image
  • Stock Photography 
  • Stock Video Footage 
  • Custom Graphics
  • Custom Motion Graphics


All of our products come with distribution. The Author Interview, gets our intermediate Distribution, and will come with 40 social media sites like YouTube, MySpace, Crackle, Google, Yahoo and others. This product receives distribution to 10 specialty sites, 10 Bookmarking sites, 300+ Bookseller sites (submitted, not guaranteed placement), 5000+ Libraries via Over Drive, 1 MySpace Bulletin, 1 blog, 1 month of personal Overview of video performance. It will also be given to you for your site and for your publisher if you like.