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Book Trailer


Book Trailers are by bid only. There is no set cost to them. The more you want; more actors, more sets, more locations, more special effects, the more the product will cost. But, if you only want one scene and one actor you could potentially get a trailer for relatively little money. You should be prepared to spend over $2000 even for a short and simple production. Production means casting, insurance, equipment rental, location rental and other costs you might not even be aware of. 

For something more complex with lots of actors, period piece wardrobe, special effects, celebrity appearances or to film instead of digital or HD formats you could be spending over $5000 or even $10,000, again according to the complexity of what you want. 

We can also script to budget. You can give us your budget and we can write a script that will meet that budget.

What are the benefits to this product?

These are the most exciting kind of video you can do. Reader surveys indicate that readers prefer the theatrical book trailers to any other book video product. Booksellers find them entertaining and have taken them as content more than any other product we create. 

Book Trailers are news-worthy. Blog's, press releases and groups talk about them, giving your book a lot of word-of-mouth advertising. 

You can easily have an exciting 30 second commercial cut from your trailer for a nominal fee. Use the shorter version on television or as a preview to your trailer so that you can make the anticipation last longer! 

Book Trailers give your book life! 

This product is an investment in your career. It is most likely to go viral, most likely to be noticed by the media and most likely to be picked up by booksellers. If you want to create a name for yourself this is the way to do that. 

If you're a new author and want that name recognition, if you're creating a new series, if you're trying to make it to that next level in your career, this product is the right one for you.

Book Trailer comes with these great features:

  • Standard Definition Video 
  • Sound Effects from the COS Stock Library 
  • Music from the COS Stock Library 
  • Your Book Cover Image 
  • Stock Photography Stock Video Footage 
  • Custom Graphics 
  • Custom Motion Graphics 
  • Custom Animation


At this level you receive more distribution. Our distribution team creates an actual strategy to ensure your video meets your stated goals and reaches your target audience. It includes special video performance maintenance to ensure the video is performing well and it includes a more detailed report of how the video performed, who took it and other general follow-up information. 

Advanced distribution includes two distribution reports. An initial distribution report once distribution begins which is a sample of our distribution so that you can see your video in context. The second report will be received approximately 30 days after the video is uploaded and will give you a full report of where the video was uploaded, what our distribution strategy was and other valuable information. 

45 Social Media Sites, 15 Specialty Sites, 20 Bookmarking Sites, 5 Genre Specific Sites, 300+ Bookseller Sites (submitted, not guaranteed placement), 5000+ Libraries via OverDrive, 3 MySpace Bulletins, 3 Blogs, 1 month of personal overview of Video Performance. SEO and VSEO, featured on the COS YouTube main player for at least one week, submitted for portable devices, Featured placement on our MySpace, YouTube, and RECtv sites.