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Cover Story


The Cover Story Video has only one picture to it - your book cover. We use your cover in unique and creative ways intermixed with text. The great thing about the Cover Story Video is that it utilizes the one thing you want your viewer to recall – your book cover and name. Viewer recall for the book cover is increased as they see it used in creative and entertaining ways via video. Because Cover Story Videos are low cost they are a great way to become introduced to the idea, process and uses of book video. Many of our clients who have started with Cover Story Videos have been so excited about the effectiveness of the video they have gone on to try our other products.

Cover Story comes with these great features:

  • Standard Definition video 
  • Sound Effects from the COS Stock Library 
  • Music from the COS stock Library 
  • Your Book Image 
  • Low risk – high yield


All of our products come with distribution. The Cover Story Video comes with our Basic Distribution and will come with 25 social media sites like YouTube, MySpace, Crackle, Google, Yahoo and others, 5 Specialty Sites, 300+ Bookseller sites (submitted, not guaranteed placement), 5000+ Libraries via Over Drive, 1 Blog, and it will be given to you for your site and for your publisher if you like. 

  • Social Media sites – 25 
  • Specialty Sites – 5 
  • Bookseller sites submission – 300+ 
  • Libraries – 5000+ via Overdrive 
  • Blogs – 1