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Intermediate Book Teaser


Take your promotion to the next level! Have a book trailer look without the book trailer price. This is a budget-conscious, high quality video with an upgraded online distribution package. These mini teasers utilize music, still photos and/or basic photo manipulation, text and most importantly stock footage. Stock footage is pre-filmed scenes. This gives more life to your video. 

The Intermediate Book Teaser is our most requested product by booksellers right after Book Trailers. This product includes stock footage and is as close to an actual book trailers as you can get without having to pay book trailer production prices. At this level, basic animation and some visual effects are possible as an optional upgrade. 

With the Intermediate Book Teaser you get more online distribution, more specialty sites take the video as content and more booksellers take the video as content. 

Booksellers love these. They have motion and are more engaging than just still photos.

Intermediate Book Teaser comes with these great features:

  • Standard Definition Video
  • Sound Effects from the COS Stock Library 
  • Music From the COS Stock Library 
  • Your Book Cover Image 
  • Stock Photography 
  • Stock Video Footage


Our Intermediate Package includes all of the important social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter but also includes some specialty sites that are reader-based such as Reader’s Entertainment Community and Novels Alive and Bookmarking sites such as Digg and StumbleUpon. At this level we also include a feature on the main landing page of Reader’s Entertainment Magazine.

Book trailers are submitted to our blogger and librarian program with the video, book description and any special notes sent to make it easier for them to utilize your video.

Intermediate Distribution comes with these great features:


Social Media sites


Specialty Sites


News Aggregate Sites


Search Engine Optimization Enhancement


Book Blogger and Librarian Program Submission


Featured on Reader’s Entertainment Magazine


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